Seasonal Veil Inspiration

Many of our veils are versatile with different seasons. This can be used as inspiration for planning your wedding, to plan around our products. If you have specific colors chosen for your wedding unrelated to the season colors, there are still so many different veil color schemes to choose from.

Spring Collection

- Pastels: Soft pinks, lavenders, mint greens, baby blues, and pale yellows.
- Floral Hues: Peach, light coral, lilac, and soft rose.
- Fresh and Bright: Light green, soft aqua, and creamy whites.

Spring Inspired Veils

Summer Collection

- Vibrant and Bold: Bright yellows, turquoise, coral, fuchsia, and electric blues.
- Warm Neutrals: Sandy beige, crisp white, and light taupe.
- Cool Tones: Aqua, teal, and sunny orange.

Summer Inspired Veils

Fall Collection

- Earthy Tones: Rich browns, burnt oranges, deep reds, and mustard yellows.
- Jewel Tones: Emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and ruby red.
- Muted Neutrals: Warm grays, taupe, and olive green.

Fall Inspired Veils

Winter Collection

- Cool and Crisp: Icy blues, silvers, and frosty whites.
- Deep and Dramatic: Burgundy, navy, emerald green, and charcoal gray.
- Festive Hues: Deep reds, rich golds, and dark greens.

Winter Inspired Veils


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